Thank you for your responses! Thus far, you have told us that you’d like us to include the following in our show (and potentially on our blog):

  • Comparative vampire mythology and why Deborah Harkness (DEH) chose aspects she did, and how it affects the story
  • Alchemical symbolism in MSs
  • History of Ashmole 782 (including MS and its namesake)
  • Chapter discussions (we call these part of our “read-alongs”)
  • Fancasting
  • What fans think about/hope for in the BBC adaptation
  • Character discussion and analysis
  • Interviews and guests
  • Anything and Everything production related

What have we missed? We want to make this show by fans, for fans, and of fans. So please do leave us a comment below, tweet us (@allsoulspod), or email us (allsoulspod at gmail dot com). We can’t wait to hear from you! 🙂

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