Today, Deborah Harkness appeared with Victoria Schwab and Sarah Pinborough at Waterstones Piccadilly’s ‘Imagined London’ event. What follows is what we’ve been able to collect from information live tweeted during the event.

Professor Harkness discusses her research behind the character of Matthew Clairmont.

She also had to look up some pretty specific information for her novels.

Prof. Harkness on beauties and colleagues:

On the commingling of science and magic in her 16th-century London:

On the importance of libraries:

When entering a relationship with a vampire, take heed!

On Matthew’s temperament:

What is sex with a vampire like, exactly?

On her inspiration to switch from non-fiction to fantasy:

Ms. Harkness bypassed the Twilight Saga.

On the path she took on her “midlife crisis”:

How should one approach writing, and how to handle writer’s block?

What the character of Matthew is based on:

Our thanks to Caitlin Raynor, Ella Bowman, Cait Lomas, and Cara Fielder for live tweeting the event!


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