We love a good story. We love to talk about a good story. But what’s better than reading or even talking about a good story? Reading AND talking about a good story written by an intelligent author.

You may be familiar with our other podcast called The Outlander Podcast, which is based on the incredible series by Diana Gabaldon and currently being adapted by and airing on the American cable network Starz. When we first started, we didn’t realize how much labor would be involved in the labor of love that is The Outlander Podcast. We agreed that for us to commit to doing another themed podcast it would take the right story by the right author at the right time.

With the recent The All Souls Podcast.

So what does this mean and what can you expect? It means that we aim to bring the same care and exciting commentary to the All Souls Trilogy that we have to the Outlander series. It means we will have announcements, read-alongs, interviews, and the odd giveaway.

We want your feedback! What are you interested in hearing? What are some topics or themes you would be interested in learning more about? Please let us know! Leave a comment below, send us an email ([email protected]), or PM us on Facebook.

We look forward to hearing from you!

All Souls all the time,

Ginger & Summer


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