In this episode, we share our interview with author Kathleen Kaufman.

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Kathleen Kaufman

Kathleen Kaufman

Kathleen Kaufman is a native Coloradan and long-time resident of Los Angeles. Her prose has been praised by Kirkus Reviews as “crisp, elegant” and “genuinely chilling” by Booklist. She is the author of The Tree Museum, The Lairdbalor, soon to be a feature film with Echo Lake Studios and director Nicholas Verso, and her most recent, Hag, which launched in October 2018. Kathleen is a monster enthusiast, Olympic-level insomniac and aficionado of all things unsettling. When not writing, she can be found teaching literature and composition at Santa Monica College or hanging out with a good book. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, son, terrier and a pack of cats.

'Hag' cover

‘Hag’ cover

“High above the sea, hidden in the rocky Scottish cliffs, something stirs.
An ancient matriarchal power has set th ewheels in motion for a long line of descendants. But to what end?
Spanning centuries of human history, these daughters of the lowland hag, the Cailleach, must navigate a world filled with supersitition, hatred, violence, pestilence, and death to find their purpose. With pasts half remembered and destinies denied, the daughers of the Cailleach are women with uncanny, and often feared, abilities to heal, to see the future and to cause great destructino and pain when threatened. With each passing generation, the waves crash against the sthore, and the Cailleach awaits a homecoming that will bring everything full circle.”

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